I find myself at another crossroads in this life.  It happens now and again that you have to make a decision, what to do, where to go.  I am sitting in the middle of the intersection looking at my four choices.  I could keep going straight ahead, I could turn around and start over, I could go to the right or to the left and just look for another way.  Lots of choices, lots of ways to find the meaning in the big picture.  How are the people around me affected by each choice?  How am I personally affected?  What impact is there, what consequence could be derived?  Is it right, is it wrong? 

We all come to this point many times during our lives I think.  Everyone has a time of choice, a new season, a correction or consequence from the previous crossroad.  The one constant I see here is that when I approach the crossroad, I’m  in reality coming to the Cross.  The intersection is the heart of God.  The answer is there if I will be quiet and listen to His heartbeat.  There’s where the plan unfolds, the truth, the peace.  I find that when I use peace as a measuring stick for my decisions in life, it’s always the right choice that’s made.  I know God’s peace, I know it’s right.  The questions fall away, the peace enfolds.  It’s time again to move out, in His strength, not my own.  No striving, no confusion, just a knowing.  I’m grateful.


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