Crown Him Lord of All

On Sunday we sang the old standard, Crown Him Lord of All.  People were really into worship and it was a joyful experience for me.  About half way through, I was overtaken with a revelation of the deep meaning of the words, at least for me.  Crown Him Lord of all.  All.  I can worry that my house has not sold, or I can crown Him Lord of the real estate market.  I can fret over these 30 pounds I can’t shake, or I can crown Him Lord of my mind, will and emotions; Lord of my flesh.  I can crown Him Lord of all things, all joy, all sorrow, all accomplishments, all weakness.  I can actively take part, I can tap into the flow of living water that causes my soul to jump for joy at the sound of His name.  Just me, I am allowed to do that by grace.  I am allowed to do that because He loves me and invites me to the table He sets for me.  He invites me to His party while He takes care of the stuff of life.

Sometimes I forget to look up instead of looking in.  Looking at what I can do or how I look is not kingdom looking.  Looking at Jesus, seeking His face, His will for the situation, His glory…that is eternal looking!  I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life sweating the small stuff.  Really, if I just crown Him Lord of all in my life, I can proceed with confidence and joy.  That makes me really happy!  I am an overcomer and I am living a victorious life filled with joy and wonder simply because He is Lord of all.


That’s all I got today sisters.

Author: Carol O'Brion

I'm a Christian writer who just wants to love others and see them prosper in an abundant life. I love to sit in the presence of the Lord and converse with Him about what is in His heart. I love to go to Heaven in the Spirit and walk the streets of that glorious city. I hope you enjoy what the Lord has given me to write.

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