Walking in Power, Love and Peace

Good morning!  I was asking the Lord for understanding about some things. Some friends have suffered some pretty devastating blows recently and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  I heard the Spirit say to my heart, you must draw near to me.  Illness can’t come on Me, so if you are in my arms, it can’t get to you.

Psalm 91:9-10 says, “Because you have made the Lord who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling pace, no evil shall befall you nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.”

A commentary inidcates that the Lord is describing an abiding defense against inflicted disease, but the promise is conditioned upon making the Lord our true refuge and habitation.  The word refuge in Hebrew means a shelter, a place of trust.  Dwelling place means a retreat.  It describes a security of intimately dwelling together as in marriage.  When we make the Lord our refuge and habitation by trusting Him, taking our cares, fears and needs to Him, seeking His counsel, spending times of refreshing with Him and by loving Him closely every day, we enter into a sheltered place of promise regarding health.  This truth safeguards against making prayer for healing only a recourse for emergencies.

Now don’t get all condemned and start arguing.  That’s not my intent.  What I got from this and the rest of Psalm 91 is that God is complely merciful and full of grace toward us.  He wants us to set our love upon Him and as a result He promises deliverance and honor and protection.  He longs for us to stop and look into His eyes, to hear His heart daily, to dwell there.  I think this gives me hope.  I want to set my eyes on the Lord, to seek His face and share my life with Him.  I believe His promises are for me today, not some obscure myth that applied to people in a story.  So I press on, I want to apprehend what He has promised, what He has in mind for my life.  I want to go forward in the power and might of the God of Glory who sets me free and gives me purpose in peace.  And yeah buddy, in case you’re wondering, it really is for real, life doesn’t have to be a spin of a wheel.  The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.  Thanks Father.

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