Have you also sensed this? I think a lot of people have. There’s a stirring, a rumbling, a shift about to happen. I sense a great move coming. It’s global and immanent. It’s deep calling to deep.
In the natural, right before an earthquake, there is a rumbling. It’s loud. It heralds the coming of the shaking. It’s a warning given a split second before the quake begins. It seems to throw us off balance because it’s so strange, but it warns us to take cover, to hold on, to seek immediate shelter.
An earthquake is a shifting of tectonic plates that causes the ground to shudder. It would follow then that a spiritual shaking is a shift in the very foundational beliefs of Christianity men have layed down to help them control their own interpretations of God’s Word. These are interpretations that became law, false religion, false doctrine, legalism or frivolous tradition. When these things are shaken, the core of the faulty foundation is exposed. That foundation cracks and crumbles under the weight of rules and regulations, works that have no eteral value. The rubble falls away leaving the true foundation exposed. That foundation is strong, reinforced and true and it continues to stand even if the walls of the structure are gone. Once the refuse is swept away, new construction can begin with bricks of truth, peace, love and freedom.
How joyful to be relieved of things not eternal! Shake me Lord, expose wrong and faulty foundations. Let the deep roots of my salvation choke out the crumbling bricks and mortar of wrong doctrine. Free me from my own made up things that seem logical, but are not of You. Build me up in your truth, your love and your freedom.

Resting in Precarious Places

I haven’t been here for quite a long time, but I decided to share this new one with you.  You see, I’m busily writing a book and that’s taking up a lot of my time.  I hope to have it published soon and it finds its way into your heart.  In the meantime, here’s one of my stories of the goodness of God.

Resting in Precarious Places

I was washing dishes at my sink one day and happened to look up and out the window. Just past the patio in the forest is an old fashioned park bench sitting between two big pine trees. It’s the kind of bench that has a wrought iron base and sides with polished and stained wood slats making up the seat and back. Laying full out on the very top of the back of the bench was a huge grey squirrel. I mean he was layed out on his tummy, all comfortable and relaxed, arms and legs dangling down the sides. I could not believe my eyes. For a moment I thought he was sick, but he was just sleeping there on the edge of the top wooden slat.

The Lord spoke into my heart that we need to be like that. We need to rest in precarious places; rest in His goodness and faithfulness. Most of the time my life is so blessed and easy, but then there’s times that test me and challenge me. Things frustrate me or grieve me but I have learned that I need to keep my focus on the Lord. He instructed me that it’s not as limiting as to just trust Him so we can cope. We don’t just go through the time of pain and sorrow or fear and worry trusting God to get us out of it, but we yield. We yield up our feelings, our flesh, our pain. We say God, I know that all things work together to those who love you. We say God, I know it is impossible to please you without faith so reveal to me the way I should walk in this season. Instead of my whining and crying about it Lord, show me every nugget of faith I can glean from my circumstance. I don’t want to learn to just cope, I want to be victorious. I want to come out with a testimony Lord!

Sometimes the Lord wants me to fight and stand, sometimes to just rest in Him. I know in those times that I’m in a dangerous place, not secure but wobbly and uneasy. He says, just rest in this precarious place knowing you are rooted and grounded in Me. My arm is not too short to save. You will not be shaken. Lay down beside the still waters and sleep knowing that there is joy in the morning.