A New Revelation

This is a new one for me and you will either love it or delete me. It’s ok, it’s a new season.

I possess the Spiritual gift of exhortation. That means, encourager. Often times I have an urging from the Holy Spirit to pray for someone and will know the first sentence or two of what He wants communicated to that person. It’s always based in scripture, it’s always uplifting, encouraging and pertains directly to something that person is concerned with.

In studying the word “exhortation” and it’s use for the Body of Christ, I was interested to learn that there are two faces of this revelatory gift. One of course is encouragement. A word of knowledge or wisdom comes and is followed by a word of exceptional encouragement. The other side, however, means “warning” in the Greek. The exhorter issues a warning, is a watchman on the wall, and sounds an alarm when things get off kilter in the body. That’s the new season, that’s the side that is coming forth in this new year.

It takes a lot of courage for me to repeat what the Lord has given me today. I’m reluctant, but if He said “tell them”, then I will do it. I need to tell you now that I will obey God whether readers like it or not. If you want the happy encouraging devotions, please just read those and ignore this part. Either way, I believe the Lord has a message for all of us in these last days and we will find blessing in it. 2 Peter talks about the difference between false teachers and the Word of God. Know this, I believe the Word of God takes priority in all cases. We have everything we need for life and godliness because the Holy scriptures provide all knowledge and wisdom. Give that first place in the building up of your mosty holy faith.

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