The Fruit Trees

On January 21, 2016,  I was sitting in heaven with Jesus just talking about things.  I wasn’t physically there, I was visiting in the Spirit.  I asked Jesus to show me a tree in heaven.  He loves to show us things and I love trees.  We walked over to a magnificent orchard, all the trees heavy with huge pieces of colorful juicy fruit.  Some I recognized from earth, some were different.  I became perplexed because I couldn’t reach the fruit.  It was growing to high for me to reach.  Jesus smiled and lifted me up so I could reach the fruit to pull a piece down for myself.

Jesus told us to go and produce much fruit.  He esteems the fruit of our labors for the Kingdom and holds that fruit high.  He lifts it, protects it and asks us to preserve it, look after it and nurture it.  He asks us not to allow it to fall and rot, but to become fully ripe and ready.  He holds us up, enables us and equips us to apprehend that which seems too high for us.  He uses fruit as a description of our spiritual growth.  Fruit is our harvest and a description of his empowerment in us.

Here in the natural I do a lot of home canning.  We preserve earthly fruit by adding sugar to sweeten.  We add a little lemon juice for tartness which actually enhances the flavor.  We add thickening or pectin to elevate the depth and body of the end product.  After it’s cooked and boiled down, what is revealed is a perfect undiluted addition to our daily bread.   Bread is great for toast, but by adding jam, it’s something special, something more.   It signifies what He gives us is above and beyond just what we need.  Jam is a sweet, thick joy in a jar.  It’s the result of fruit that we picked and preserved throughout a whole process.

So we should do in the spiritual.  Cultivate your fields.  Minister to people, tell them the good news.  Prepare the way for a fruitful harvest of love, healing and deliverance.  Then, preserve what the Lord has entrusted to you, always relying on Him to enable you.  Pray for those you love.   Preserve that fruit.  Be a faithful steward of that which has been given to you.

I love that God partners with us in gathering fruit and in it’s preservation.  I love that He keeps a record of our fruit and watches over it.  I love that He lifts us up, prepares us, boils us down and refines us.  How sweet you are to Him beloved friends.

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