The Window

In our bathroom, the horizontal blinds are kept in the down position.  It only makes sense; what if someone were to look inside while I showered, or worse!  This morning, the sun was brightly shining and I thought to myself, I think my plants on the window sill would love some spring light.  That got me thinking.  There are many trees, shrubs, and at least 100 yards between our house and the neighbors.  The sun glares on the windows and causes reflection, not visibility, into the inside of the house.   Anyone standing in my neighbor’s yard could not see into my window.  No, they would have to stand very close, put their eyes right up to the widow, and shield their eyes with their hand in order to see in.  It would take determination.

Am I that way?  Do I have an invisible shield?  Do I put up a glaring wall that prevents visibility into my heart?  Am I waiting for someone to purposely get next to me, invest time in me and find out exactly what’s going on inside me, or am I crystal clear?

I think we all need to be a little opaque, even transparent.  Maybe we need to let the light of Jesus in a little more.  That truthful light removes the distrust, fear and doubt that causes us to withdraw.  In Him there is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hide.   The pressing-in makes it worthwhile; makes the effort a victory.  In the revealing, there is freedom.   In repentance and submission to Jesus, the old falls away, and the new emergences into the light of honesty.

I’ve heard it said that our spirits are like onions.  Just when you get comfortable, another layer peels away, leaving more exposure, but bringing freedom with it.  The junk sloughs off revealing clean, pure glory.

Life is a process.  Drawing the blinds up and down, is a process.  I think I’ll open the blinds and let the Son do His work.  I want His freedom working on the inside.  That freedom brings release from vulnerability.  I can declare that I have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, and my eyes are open.  Glory to God!

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