Circle the Runway

I was praying the other day, complaining to God about a few things. I didn’t feel my book was selling very well, I had no sense of belonging anywhere. I was feeling like an outsider, but I know God put something in me that’s valuable to the Body of Christ. It has to be, ministering is my passion. I sat down next to Jesus in His garden. We sat on the familiar white stone bench, flowers and fruit trees blossomed around us; the sweet smell of summer freshness was in the air. He touched my hand and spoke intimately to me saying, “Circle the Runway until I tell you to land”. Don’t run here and there looking for something, don’t guess; just wait in that holding pattern, circling far above the runway.

It occurred to me that in the natural world, airports are very busy places. There are people with all types of jobs, all moving quickly, all working diligently. In order for a plane to land, there has to be communication between the control tower and the pilot. The baggage handlers have to be in a particular place at a particular time. The runway staff has to be out of the way, the plane itself has to be in landing mode. Tray tables and seats have to be returned to their proper upright position, carry-on baggage must be carefully stowed under the seat or in the overhead container for safety. Seatbelts need to be attached and flight attendants must be seated. A lot goes on down on the ground, a lot of preparation takes place before a plane can land. Sometimes the plane has to circle the runway until the timing is perfectly right, all jobs have been completed and the ground is prepared to receive the aircraft.

So it is with God in our lives. He may have promised a thing, but it can’t take place immediately because the ground is not prepared. People have to finish their part of the job and I have to finish whatever my part is. My heart must be grounded, prepared and ready. Things have to be moved around, everything has to be in place. When Jesus advised me to circle the runway, I believe he was working in me and for me, for His glory. In my obedience and patience at His word, the action became a catalyst for an even greater thing to come. While I wait, watch, study His word and pray, He is at work in others also to do and to will for His great pleasure. I’m waiting, I’m diligently listening. When He tells me to land, I know I will land in victory and triumph, for His praise. I will see a new plan, a new season, and a new place of belonging according to His word in Jeremiah 29:11.

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

I can now go out in boldness and confidence that the one who goes before me is sovereign, holy and faithful to me. He is also faithful to all those others who obediently followed His direction; preparing something they knew nothing about. As He moved them into new places of glory to accommodate His plan for me, everyone involved was blessed and lifted higher.

So if you are in a place of transition, ask Him if you are circling the runway. Ask Him what he is working, and pray for its victorious completion. He is faithful always, to the end of the age. Partner up with God and see how far He will take you!
Blessings, Carol.

3 thoughts on “Circle the Runway

  1. Thanks for this, Carol. I’ve been “circling” for a few years now! So, I know the feeling! The “doer” side of me wants more action. The “be still and know that I am God” side of me knows it will be only in God’s timing! And, He is never late!


  2. Loved reading your blog…I feel the same today and reading you have helped me. Thank you for reminding me to let Jesus lead the way and wait. Love ya.. Paula


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