This post is a little different today.  It is an actual vision and prophetic word I received this morning.  Ephesians 1.

I was praying today and the Lord came to me with a vision.  I began to see a large church sanctuary, filled with people, containing four aisles that lead from the back of the church, down to the platform.  Standing face to face on either side down each aisle, are people, intercessors, who have been named ushers.  These, Jesus says, are the ones who have prayed for revival and breakthrough for My Church.  They are ushering in My glory.  My glory will fill the church.  It cannot be stopped.  Watch.

The columns of ushers turn to face the back of the church.  The two ushers on either side of each aisle at the back, are given a large bucket.  They turn together in unison, and hand the bucket to the next usher.  The ushers become a bucket brigade.  As the buckets pass up the aisles, they slowly fill with fire and light and sparkling swirling flames.  A sound like wind becomes audible.  The buckets fill higher and higher until they are almost overflowing.  The podium is empty.  The platform is empty, there are no people there.  As the buckets come down the aisle, the people begin to get on their feet in breathless anticipation.  They crane their necks to see what is happening.  When the buckets reach the platform, the people begin to cheer, they start raging with joy.  The last ushers in the row, throw the buckets of glory onto the platform.  A burst of fire dances across the stage.  The whole platform is a boiling mass of reds, oranges and yellows interspersed with gold and silver.   It is swirling glory.  A loud booming wind thunders above the people.  The fire crackles and pops diamonds.  The buckets make their way back up the aisles to the back of the church to be refilled and passed again and again.  The ushers and the buckets keep coming and the flames grow higher and even more glorious.

The ushers are turning toward the pews. They reach back to gain a stance of strength and with all their might, they throw buckets of glory upon the people.  They cover the crowd with glory.  It cleanses the crowd, it fills them with release and joy and laughter.  It releases them from control.  The glory consumes them.  They are playing in the glory; singing praises and dancing in the glory.  They are healed and set free.  They are filled with purpose.  The fire burns away all that is worthless and leaves pure gold.

The noise and color begins to fade, but the people are healed, delivered and changed.  The people carry the glory.  They are empowered and carry the glory.  They are joyful and confident and speak with boldness.  They know that they know, and are eager to serve one another.  They are eager to love, eager to esteem others higher than themselves.  They sing together as one voice, as they file out of the church and go into the city.  They bring the good news.  They sing a new song.  Rejoice church, your hour is coming!  My church will be filled to overflowing.



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