Not long ago we were visiting relatives in North Dakota. What amazed me was the incredible limitless skies above the vast, wheat covered plains. Those skies were descriptive and honest. There was no mistaking the sky’s innermost feelings at any given moment. Some days the sky was crystal clear blue, decorated with puffs of white clouds; the next might be dark and stormy with just tiny patches of light. It was poignant. There is no beginning and no end. Limitless.
Imagine understanding Ephesians 1:1-23 in terms of limitlessness. I can’t even stop reading that and pulling it in. God’s limitless love for us. His open invitation to intimately know Him. His plan since the beginning of creation, to welcome us to fellowship with Him. Can you get it? Can you imagine yourself in a place so open that it has no borders, no obstacles, no yeah buts, no what ifs. That, is the heart of God. That is the place of peace, the meeting of the Spirit of God in all the fullness and freedom of His love. There’s no stopping place, no conditions, no prerequisites. His freedom is limitless. We are only prevented from living the limitless life by fear or just not understanding the truth. If I understand completely that God’s love for me is limitless, I am on my way to entering in. He has a future and a hope for me. Nothing limits His plan except my unwillingness to submit and accept his freedom.
So, if I know that God is limitless, that Kingdom living is limitless, then I know how to pray Ephesians 1 with understanding. My eyes, being enlightened, see that my faith can be limitless, my expectations, my mind, my heart and my desires for relationship with God, can be limitless.
Joy. Pure, free, joy comes from grasping this truth. God be limitless in me! I repent of my self-imposed limitations. I release the things that worry me and the things I can’t control. Things that hurt me in the past, are over and I let them go. I know within my very soul that I am protected and loved and my steps are directed by the Lord. I submit all of me to you Lord. Be limitless in me Lord! Let your glory be limitless on the earth. Stir the dry bones in this nation and bring forth rivers of living water to quench the weary ones. We all need a little joy now in the face of division and unrest. Look to heavens where your help comes from. My help comes from the Lord. I can do anything He calls me to do. His help is limitless! Fire Lord, holy fire, holy waves of joy Lord. Be limitless in us Lord!!!

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