Stop, Drop and Pray!

Do you ever notice that sometimes you’re just walking around, maybe shopping or exercising, and God downloads a piece of wisdom right in your brain. You get it, you understand the importance and the revelation, but are not quite sure what to do with it. You might not have the entire picture, but you know it’s there.

Or maybe you are praying and all of a sudden you absolutely know a thing. You know the enemy’s plan for a thing and you know what’s going to happen. And again, you don’t know what to do about it. Your brain engages and you start thinking it through. Pretty soon, it’s just confusing.

I’ve had this happen. I absolutely knew that I had heard from God and the word was prophetic and urgent. What am I to do then at that time? I think I finally get it. If I just command my brain to stop being logical, and enter in with my spirit, the instructions are clear. Stop, drop and pray! Get off by yourself, pray, intercede and stay with it.

The Lord has shown me that He organizes His intercessors to pray in unity, in one accord. Even when we aren’t together in one room, we can enter in to the heavenly upper room and pray in the Spirit together. I know that by faith. I am confident in that by faith. I have found that by submitting to intercession when called to do so, mountains move. Things happen, infrastructure is shaken, situations beyond my control or even thinking, are changed. Sometimes I see nothing, but later hear of an event that happened but no one knows why. It clicks in.

What a blessed thing it is to be a partner with the Holy Spirit and countless brothers and sisters in the accomplishment of heavenly plans. To enter the camp of the enemy as a spy and thwart his evil plans simply by praying is beyond my comprehension. Yet, we do it in the power of Jesus, by faith and in His name.

If this is what God calls you to do, I would encourage you to come and pray today. Just pray with your spirit, even if you have no idea what you are praying about. Know that you are part of a huge crowd of saints called together in one accord to accomplish things in heavenly realms. Release your faith to enter in, to join in and focus on God’s wonderful plans for this earth. Your part is important, your spot is waiting for you right on the front line. Start praising Jesus and move into his purpose. Blessings!

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