This morning I decided to make ghee. For those of you unfamiliar with ghee, it is pure butter that has had all the lactose, protein and milk solids removed. What’s left renders a clear golden pure oil that can be used just as butter, but even more effectively. It can handle high heat frying because the burnable material has been removed. It is anti-inflammatory and easily absorbed by the body. I have heard (but don’t know for sure) that people allergic to butter can tolerate ghee. So, it is healthier than regular butter, and way healthier than margarine or vegetable oils.

The slow process involves heating the butter until it melts. Next, the melted butter will foam. After foaming, it begins to brown a little which adds a nutty deep flavor. And finally, a crust of the cast-off material forms on top. At that point, one simply strains the ghee through a filter and tosses out the dross. What’s left is rich golden perfection!

Before I started my fun kitchen adventures this morning, I was praying. I found myself praying that the Lord would light a cleansing fire in me and remove all the impurities. I asked that he burn the dross out of me and render me pure and holy. Strain away the impurities, Lord. He then brought to my mind, the process of making ghee. It truly is a process both to make the ghee, and to render our spirits.

The process involves heat, it involves a little foaming reaction; maybe something uncomfortable as I begin to give up what was impeding my relationship with God. Maybe I foamed up a little as I submitted to the process. But then I see hope in the process of God. My flavor deepens and becomes richer. As I draw near the finish line, the junk that is unhealthy separates from me and is filtered off through faith, prayer and praise. What’s left is pure, refined gold, pure and holy with the mind of Christ, hang-ups gone, a deeper relationship with Jesus. The distraction of what hindered me before, is gone; burned away. I am able to stand firmly in the face of white hot adversity. I am not as easily offended and inflamed by people, I can love them instead.

I’m once again grateful for the process Jesus has for our lives. He draws us in, protects and matures us. He leads us to his plan and saves us from our own wrong turns in life. Thank you Lord!

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