The Josiah Stand

As usual, with anticipation of what God would do today, I sat down in my prayer chair, unzipped my bible cover and flipped it open. It landed on 2 Chronicles, Chapter 34. I felt impressed to read the chapter before even beginning to pray. This passage archives the reign of King Josiah in Judah. He was only 8 years old when he became king and he ruled for 31 years. The Bible says he was right in the sight of the Lord and walked in the ways if his father David, without faltering.

He saw that the alters to other gods, the high places, and the images created as gods, were evil in the sight of God and he destroyed them all. He cleansed Judah and Jerusalem of unrighteousness, he burned the bones of priests (leaders) on their own alters, and restored worship. He went through Judah destroying ungodly things and didn’t return to Jerusalem until he was finished. He caused the money that was brought into the house of the Lord to be given to the workmen to repair and restore the temple. The workers were faithful in their labors under Josiah’s watch.

When the money was brought in, the priest Hilkiah found the missing Book of the Law of the Lord, given by Moses. When King Josiah was given the book, he was sorely grieved and tore his clothes. He asked Hilkiah and other leaders to inquire of the Lord; for he saw that great was the wrath of the Lord poured out on his generation, because of the forefathers not keeping the word of the Lord and to do according to all that was written. Huldah, the prophetess, confirmed and prophesied that calamity was to take place in the future because the people forsook God. So, King Josiah stood in his place before a crowd. He made a covenant before the Lord to keep His commands and follow his statutes with everything in him. He made all that were present to make a stand and the inhabitants did as he requested. For the rest of his life, the people did not depart from following God.

Immediately I felt an urgency to pray for President Trump as he takes his Josiah stand in America. He has publicly declared allegiance to the Lord God and humbly stated he cannot do his job without daily prayer and consultation with God. President Trump has boldly declared the righteousness of God, the moral decay of America, corrupt leadership and the hope of God’s renewed covering for the nation that He loves. He, like Josiah, is grieved for this rebellious nation and desires to restore godliness. It is incumbent upon us to hold him up in prayer as he takes a stand against the things God finds abominable and sets an example of righteousness.

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