The Whole 24 Revisited

I wrote a piece on my blog yesterday called The Whole 24. It was an amazing revelation to me about how Jesus loves us. He says that He will never leave us nor forsake us, but do we really get it? Do we really understand that He is with us always? I’ve read that at least a thousand times over the years but never got it till now. And even in that, I still may not be getting the whole thing. It’s that big!

In the Greek language, words and intent are so much fuller. English causes the words to diminish somewhat in the translation. English, like the rush of our culture, seems to be spoken faster, it’s quicker, easier and infinitely less rich than the original text. So yes, something might be lost in the translation, and you can rest assured it’s the fullness of each word. That leads me to look up individual words in the original Greek, and compare them, in order to find Gods intent in His statements of truth.

So, when the Word reads I am with you always, it really means, I am with you, next to you, I go before you and I back you up, 100 percent of the time, every day, the whole 24 hours of the day. I never leave to go somewhere else, I am in your presence, I see you, I love you, and I’m standing right next to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year, 365 days. It means I am with you when you pray, when you drive, when you are at school, when you are shopping, when you are working, and when you are sleeping. I am with you when someone disrespects you, they do it right in front of me. I am with you when someone praises you and I join in with them in delight over you. I am interested in every aspect of your life, I am deeply in love with you.

Knowing this, getting it down in our hearts, will cause us to live differently. It will cause us to pray differently. We take our seat in the heavenly places, next to Jesus and pray from His perspective. We can stop praying, Oh God, please be with so and so and they journey through this situation of whatever. Knowing that God is already with them, next to them, sharing the burden with them, is revelation. It adds a new perspective. We can now pray from a place of infinitely more faith. We can say, Oh God, thank you that you never leave so and so as they go through this fire. Thank you that they are comforted by you, and with hope, look ahead to your victory in it. Thank you Lord that this person has a knowing in them that you have their best interests at heart, that you rejoice over them with singing and that they have a future and a hope in Jesus. That’s the way to start. Then, bring your supplications to Him for that person as the Holy Spirit leads. Bring your love and concern, knowing that Jesus is next to you and hears you, and next to them and acts on their behalf. We need to dig deeply into God’s word to see the fullness of the truth knowing that for freedom, He has set us free. There’s so much more than we thought. Oh, thank you Jesus for setting captives free! Shalom.

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