The Opportunity for Unity

I’m noticing the word, “unity” everywhere lately. Personally, I’m crying out to the Lord for a return to unity in peace and love for one another. Because He leads me to pray this way, I know in my heart of hearts, it’s possible, it’s coming! There is hope! Nothing will dissuade me from believing that our town is coming together in the joy of unity! It’s so exciting! I’m dancing around my kitchen in anticipation!

    The word tells us to build one another up, encourage, celebrate each other’s talents, gifts and abilities. I ask myself to stop and think. How can I promote other people? How can I showcase them? How can I brag on my friend’s talent for hospitality, or another one’s gift of accurate prophesy? After all, it’s not that it matters that a person is smart or talented on their own, it’s that the gift of God is recognized in them and encouraged. It’s that God gets all the glory. Amen?

    As Christians, we are the Church. It’s not a building, it’s a population of Jesus lovers. Every person has a perfect contribution, without which, the Body suffers. No one is exempt, we are all important. How can we, the believers, join in perfect unity? How do we bring all our gifts and callings together to function as one?

    Over the last year, I’ve been to almost every church in our town. The interesting thing is that each church has its own unique flavor. All of them have positive elements to draw on. If we all joined together in one place, let go of control and jealousy and just worshipped the Lord, we could blend in a perfectly harmonious stew of joy. The angels would join in, it would become a celebration. The Holy Spirit would be free to move. Doctrine and ideology would fade, pure worship would shimmer with the colors of Heaven. Lives would change. Individuals would be known and loved as a vital part of the whole. Genuine interest for one another would spark. There would be no favorites, no ignored ones, no need for individual discovery or self-help. There would only be unselfish, Christ centered parts joining together for worship of our King of Kings, Lord of Lords. All focus on Jesus, no inward glances. All creation would celebrate with us. We would be revived. Our purpose would be to glorify God, we would be free from strife and the foolish things of this world.


    The word unity is found in the word opportunity. It’s also found in the word community. Humility understands that it’s not about an individual. The threat is removed, the flesh is removed, sin is removed. This is perfect freedom. We automatically esteem others more important than ourselves. The focus is on the glory of God and His great love. All voices rise in worship, the oneness is restorative, spirits are revived with love for Jesus. We become immersed in our spiritual and not our physical. Then we are free. Uninhibited joy breaks out. Clap your hands O ye people, shout to the Lord with the voice of triumph! Yeah, it’s ok to dance and shout and be joyful! It’s ok to submit completely to the Holy Spirit and let Him bless! Let Him reign in the room!

    Let’s put it together. Let’s be healthy and look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. People, we are so loved by Jesus. We have the mind of Christ. Let’s look at one another as Jesus looks at us. Let’s promote one another, live in humble adoration of Jesus, ignore our flesh and resist the devil. Let’s just worship and praise and celebrate our Lord because He is for us. I’m determined not to succumb to the yeah-buts, I’m determined to see it happen!

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