Several of my friends are touring Europe this week and their pictures are absolutely breath taking. Particularly interesting to me are the gates. Beautiful filigree gates towering above stone streets, the entrance to something old and stately and of irreplaceable value.

    In my spirit, I see one particularly tall and majestically ornate gate, covered with scroll work and filigree etchings. It has two magnificent and impossibly tall doors. It is made of iron for strength, covered with silver for beauty. The shape is of that used in cathedrals in Spain and Italy. There is an ancient silver lock in the center of the two doors. This lock has not been opened for years and years and what the gate is guarding, is unremembered.

    One small person of no import, no great stature, no great demeanor, approaches the gate and with a special silver key, opens it. At the command of that seemingly insignificant voice, those gates swing wide and all are invited to pass through. The declaration made by one, makes availability ready for all who will go through. Those gates are the entrance to physical and emotional healing. The path that was once difficult and hard to comprehend, is now open, passable and straight. Come without fear, all are invited. Set aside what the mind reasons, and believe the Word.

    Jesus commanded us to heal the sick, raise up the dead, and cast out demons. Peter apprehended that understanding. He said to the man, I don’t have money, but I’ll give you what I have, which is healing. Get up in the name of Jesus. I don’t think that guy ever even considered the possibility of healing until the split second that Peter declared it. He was stuck in his own misery and just hung out where he could beg for money. He had no hope, no joy. But at that moment when Peter raised his voice to God in all the authority of the name of Jesus, and declared healing to the man, the man mixed in what little faith he had rising in him, and God intervened.

    Somewhere along the road of history, people lost their understanding of the authority, power and supernatural abilities given to them in the name of Jesus. Healing became uncommon. The enemy got us to believe excuses and doubts and fear stepped in. Man put limits on the Holy Spirit out of fear and ignorance. But God is limitless. His mercies are limitless. His promises are limitless. There are no what ifs, no yeah buts, no catches, no stipulations and strangulations. There is only Jesus. If we will believe Him, He will add to us. He will join us; His spark will ignite us. The supernatural is reality, it is freedom. He is an all-consuming fire. His fire consumes disease, and death has no hold. Poverty and religion are burned. He consumes my sin, burns it to nothing and forgets it forever.

    It is now that the keys to the mysteries are being revealed and presented. All over the earth, keys to mysteries are fitting ancient locks and opening signs and wonders throughout all creation. Mysteries are becoming scientific fact. Theories are being revealed as truth or are destroyed as excuses. The impossible is now the miracle. It’s as simple as black and white. Right here in front of us. The glory of God is about to overtake us. The declarations of God’s glory and truth are being shouted. Ears are beginning to open, eyes are beginning to see. I saw that as the pray-er inside the gate began to rebuke death and disease, the pray-ee added faith and together they grabbed hold of the gift. At that moment, God mixed His faith with the two, and the spark of fire ignited into a flame of fulfilled promise. It’s real, it’s ready.


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