While in prayer yesterday, I saw a picture in my mind of camels walking over a high mountain of desert sand. “So Lord, why am I seeing camels?” “Is there a warning, a prophetic word of knowledge or word of encouragement for someone?” I kept looking at the camels and I heard the Lord speak into my spirit saying, “Camels are adapted to the desert and can survive.” “They can thrive because they are a storehouse of their own need for food and water”. “Be a storehouse of the things you need to survive and thrive, both in the Spirit and in the flesh”. “Feed on the Word of scripture and store it up for future times in the desert seasons.” “Store up your food and water; scripture and prayer.” “Your prayers are saved, safely catalogued and stored up.” “I love to hear them, I can’t bear to throw them away.” “Like a beloved valentine, I save them all.” “Pray, store up prayer in the Spirit.” “Your prayers are a collection of your life and progress, and I have them all.” “There are storehouses in Heaven housing the prayers of the saints.” “Look it up.”

    So, it’s true. In the Bible times, storehouses were used to keep necessities for life in seasons of drought and winter. Great stores of grain, wine and oil, and barns full of livestock.  See 2 Chronicles 32:28.  In fact, God has storehouses in Heaven. Psalm 33:7 indicates he stores the waters of the sea. In Job 38:22-23, God speaks about the treasury of snow and the treasury of hail saved up for treacherous times. While I was looking at these scriptures, I thought it would be interesting to learn about camels. Why camels?

    Wikipedia says that a camel can carry up to 80 lbs. of fat on its back in its hump. Like most people, I thought the hump stored water, but science has corrected that misconception. And get this, baby camels don’t get humps till they start eating solid food. Is that not like us? We can’t digest the whole scripture without a foundation. When the living Word is applied to our lives, we digest it further, use very molecule and appropriate it fully. When the camel exhausts its emergency food supply, the hump shrinks down and falls off to one side. By consuming food and water, and having some rest, the hump returns to its upright position. We also refuel with prayer and the Word, and pop back up, ready to go. Camels can drink up to 20 gallons of water at one time and that is stored in one or all three stomachs. The work of God is so evident and wondrous in the camel. Most mammals store body fat all over. Camels store it in the hump, thereby keeping the insulating properties of body fat to a minimum, adapting them to life in an extremely hot environment. Further, when a camel exhales, water vapor becomes trapped in the nostrils and is reabsorbed into the body as a means to conserve water. So, you can see a camel is the epitome of adaptation. It survives and thrives, its own little ecosystem.

    Like the camel, we are to be storehouses of fat and water. We are to fill up and pour out. We are to bring the rain of the Holy Spirit upon a dry land and provide moisture to weary parched hearts. We are the balm of heavenly oil applied to dry bones, lifting up and renewing. How do we do that? We store up the Word in our hearts, we feed on it. We commit scripture to our minds and we are ready in season and out to pour out truth, love and encouragement; and speak it out.  Adapt to your environment, open your eyes and look for opportunities to love. Stand in the authority of the name of Jesus. The Word of God is like the fat and the water, stored up for future use; ready to be declared and shared and applied. In Revelation 5:8 and 8:4, golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints, are described. The prayers and incense waft together up into the nostrils of God, a sweet-smelling offering to the great Lord of all. Consider this, God Almighty loves and cares for our prayers and keeps them in safe vaults, ready and available.  He brings them out frequently.  Prayers of praise and worship, prayers of thanks, prayers of supplication, prayers containing the scripture; the very words of God. None fall away or are forgotten, all are vital and full of life.  Prayers are not just words, they are communication, beloved talks with God, preserved intimate conversations that are cherished by our loving Father.

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