The Vertical Climb

Outside my kitchen window I could see a huge black bird purposely dive bomb a gray squirrel. It was a big squirrel, but the bird was huge. I wasn’t sure who to root for, I don’t particularly like either creature, especially around my garden. The squirrel dodged the bird and ran straight up the closest tree. The bird took off to bother someone or something else. It was like he just wanted to torment the squirrel, then move on. No agenda, just orneriness. The squirrel continued his vertical climb all the way to the top of the huge fir tree. He probably climbed about 60 feet before stopping to breathe. At that point, he was hidden from view and probably feeling relieved and safe.

And that reminded me of us. When we are frightened or threatened, or confused, we have the privilege of being able to run straight up to Heaven to take our places where we are seated with Christ Jesus. (Eph. 2:4-6). In that spiritual place of peace, we find rest and comfort. All fear is gone, all threats fall away unfounded, and all confusion becomes clear. I just wanted to encourage all of you today, no matter how hard it is, how laborious it is, make the vertical climb. Jesus waits for you, with open arms. Make the climb and everything else falls away. Be refreshed, renewed and reminded of who you are. Climb that tree.

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