Waterfalls, a prophetic word

There are huge reservoirs of shimmering, gossamer waterfalls, perched over the cities. The water that ripples with soft pastel gleaming, is within millimeters of spilling over to flood the cities with my glory. Which way will the people go? Will they repent or go off on their own?

Oh, there will be offense. Yes, the haters will be offended by this cloud of glory, these pools of living water drenching the cities. They will scoff and shun you Christians, but at the same time, they will secretly fear you. To them you appear to glisten, to ripple with waves of liquid light and power. You reflect some unknown inner light that is confusing and fearful. They won’t attribute it to Me of course. If they have to accept Me, they have to completely change their intellectualism, their hedonism, their right to party in their own ignorance.

Just light the way. If they follow, rejoice. If they won’t, then pray. Join the world in prayer for the lost. My arm is not too short to save. This is the opportunity the world has been waiting for. Love, love, love.

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