Have you ever gone to your jewelry box for a favorite necklace, and found it all tied up in knots? The fine gold chain is a snarled mess, seemingly just from sitting there in the box. Maybe you put it back carefully, but it folded back on itself and tangled. To unravel it takes time and patience, pulling out one microscopic knot at a time, using a fine gauge needle and tweezers. It’s slow and tedious, but in the end, it’s free again and ready to be worn.

Life can get like that fine chain. Scripture warns us not to be entangled in things that are simply not our calling. I’ve gotten so bound up in a “good thing”, that I have no time for my passion, my calling. The consequence of that is I lose my joy, friendships are strained, the fight against offense and the wiles of the enemy are on. I feel like I’m entangled in a monster sized spider web and need to be free, but there are so many sticky and extenuated circumstances, it seems too hard to deal with. I know it’s not impossible, and I’m mad at myself for missing it. Head slap! Slowly I have to begin the painstaking task of extricating myself; one thing at a time, so the knot doesn’t get worse or break the chain. It’s meticulous work that could have been avoided if I’d sought the Lord in the first place. Have you ever gotten into something that sounded so good, it had to be God? Then it goes south and you find yourself miserable. I have, and all because I didn’t ask the Lord if that “good thing”, was for me. Maybe that good thing was a distraction so God’s true plan for me would be passed by. Maybe the enemy came in and used that good thing to destroy something else. God is faithful to bring the true calling back around, but it would have been so much better if I hadn’t wasted time! Leaving it in a mess is simply not an option, I know that I know, that God has a better way if I will do the work.

As I purposely labor to get back to freedom, my joy returns. Creativity returns and relationships are restored. God is a restorer, a rebuilder, and is faithful to bring us out of the fire. He uses our missteps to educate us and bring us higher. He dances over us and rejoices over us with singing. He makes us free, even when we entangle ourselves in the stuff of life. Where are you today? Are you sitting in a pile of knots or are you a gleaming fine chain of glory, showing off the pendant of God’s workmanship in your heart? Be encouraged by the love of God. He is for you, not against you. Look to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. He never runs out of chances and He can fix anything. Hugs.

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