The Plot Emerges

Several people have asked me how to start writing a book. How does it begin, how does it develop? When I sit down to write a book, I just write. I just pour out chapter after chapter in a rough draft written quickly. The focus at first is to get out all the thoughts and ideas running around my head, to build a plot and characters. Later, I go back and refine it, correct it, prune out what’s extraneous. I might change the outcome, change the structure, or find another subplot to explore. I build it better, strengthen weak spots, remove junk. Because I write as influenced and directed by the Holy Spirit, I pray a lot as I write. It is His brilliance that puts together what comes out of my fingers onto a keyboard.

I notice that’s how my life works in Christ. He does the editing, makes life interesting and productive. He covers mistakes and lets consequence work for His glory and my good. He redirects my path and rewrites my plot. Life is truly an adventure. Sometimes I have no idea what is coming next, and sometimes I know exactly what to expect. I love that. I love surprises and adventure. I love certainty and confidence in Christ. I love that He puts people in our lives that we can love and share our voyage. I love that he causes us to grow and learn and have more capacity for Him. Life is joy, one activity after the next. That’s the overall picture, joy.

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