Fingernails and Manna

I got my nails done for the 3rd time since moving to town, and by the 3rd nail tech. It’s not that I’m picky, but they just kept popping off. So, this tech was more experienced and did all the prep work necessary to create a solid foundation for the acrylic. I liked them, but they bugged me. The shape was not right; some rounded, some too square and uneven. So, what do I want? I kept questioning myself because I just have not liked the shape of any of the nails. They are crooked, not finished well. I wrestled, thought I might give up and was just really unsatisfied.

Today, I grabbed a file and did the unthinkable! I filed them! The file smoothed out the crooked places and shaped them all to look consistent. I was suddenly happy with them. They were just what I liked. All it took was pressure and friction, removal of excess bulk and imperfections. I could even type better! It was so simple!

Isn’t that what God does for us? He applies a little pressure here, a little friction there, and we are changed. It is uncomfortable, but in the end, we are refined and consistent. We are more like Jesus. We become holy and sanctified by His lovingkindness. We don’t even remember the imperfections anymore because they are not any longer important. They are gone and forgotten. We are free to move forward, a little more confident, liking the way we look to Jesus. Blessings.

2 thoughts on “Fingernails and Manna

  1. Wow, Carol! That reminds me of a great book I read once. For obvious reasons the title jumped off the shelf at me…..”STRIPPING: The Art of Spiritual Restoration”. God can do wonders with us when all the old finish, the sharp corners, and the rough edges are smoothed out and removed. He is quite a gentle handed, and skilled, vinedresser!

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  2. If we have eyes to see and embrace the pressure and friction, then we will taste and eat of the fruit of transformation from the loving kindness of our Lord. For those that do not, bitterness of circumstance is the table they will eat from.
    Good word!!❤️

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