What If?

    What if everything you are ashamed of, every secret ugly thing in your past, every bad deed, was put in a trash bin and burned to ash? What if every lie, every act of betrayal, every underhanded scheme you’ve ever cooked up, every word that hurt someone and every little thing you knew was wrong, was wiped off the face of the earth and nothing could be held against you? That can be your reality. This is exactly why God Himself came down to earth in the human form of Jesus, the Messiah, to free you. History shows that man couldn’t find a way to obey God but also atone for his own sins. He wanted to play and not pay, so he got angry, judgmental, and critical of others. It’s easier to look at others than within one’s self. Then, man made up rules he could live with, that kept others in line with what they believed to be correct. They formed a team of like-minded people. They forgot about the love of God and sought to appease Him with rituals and sacrifices. They found ways to justify their own beliefs and behaviors. It was not holy; it was a list of excuses to validate their unholiness. Over the centuries, this thinking has become more and more on the side of rationalization for sin. Even the rules and religions are no longer revered because the flesh of man has become the supreme ruler instead of God. The trouble with the logic of man is that God does in fact exist. Roll with me a minute. History bears out that God can’t be ignored without consequence. One day every person ever born, will bow their knee to Jesus whether they choose to believe or not. What will you say at that moment? Will you say, “hey, I followed the rules”. Will He say, “those weren’t my rules, I just wanted your heart.”

John 10:10 says the devil has come to steal, to kill and to destroy, but I have come that you may have life, and have life more abundantly. So here is the good news, there is a way out of this turmoil. Repentance is the simple door to abundant living. It’s not a human court of law; repentance and admission of guilt does not bring penalty and a sentence. It brings freedom and righteousness before God. Think of it, righteousness means right standing, and you have that by just believing what Jesus said. Yeah, it’s that easy. So why choose death when you can choose freedom from sin and shame? Why not believe? If the Bible is the absolute truth and word of God, then as it says, we all fall short of the glory of God. Save the argument about the veracity of the Bible and hear this crucial point. There is something built into your spirit my friend, something that yearns to believe. You were born with it. Give that small voice within you a moment of your time. Explore what is there for you. The Bible says God knows the number of hairs upon your head. He knows you, He actually created you for Himself. He holds His hand out to you with unfathomable love, a promise of life and freedom. Just look at this for a moment. You are free to choose, but I’m asking you to first ponder it honestly for a second. He offers freedom from fear, physical pain, addiction, the false imprisonment of lies and accusations against you, and removes the torment of hopelessness. He doesn’t promise perfection or the need for it, or an easy life, but ask yourself, do you have that now? How is trying to be a good person working out for you? Are you hitting a wall, attempting to live within the miserable confines of rules and regulations in an attempt to “do what is right”? Here’s the difference. In God, you are free. You have no desire to do wrong things. You are free of self, rules, restrictions, and sin. You are free in your mind and your will and empowered with Jesus. You belong. You are wanted and revered and longed for.

This is who Jesus is. He is God who became flesh and entered the world to complete a mission. His directive from the Father was to give earth a picture of Heaven, an articulation of God as love, not wrath. Wrath didn’t work. Jesus brought light, the illumination of truth. He said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets to the Father except by Me. Period . That’s the way out. That’s the bridge. Of course, the religious people hated Him because he represented liberty, not control. They murdered Him in the most horrific and inhuman manner, and He put up with it because He was assigned to be the bridge. He suffered for you, for a way out for you. They mocked Him and reviled Him because He threatened their manmade towers of power. He defied their self-created belief systems of excused behavior that separated them from the love of God. The movement began in Him and continues now. He paid the penalty and restitution for the sin of every person ever born. Sin is simply separation from God. It doesn’t matter if you told a lie or horrifically murdered someone, it’s forgiven if you will ask. And God doesn’t remember it if it’s forgiven. You ask forgiveness, and it doesn’t exist.

Let me ask you this. Are you afraid to give up your choice of sins, your carefully crafted justifications and excuses for bad behavior? Are you really satisfied with being secretly sick and miserable and afraid? Come on beloved. Come on and see what He has planned for you. The Bible says to taste and see that the Lord is good. Don’t be afraid or ashamed, come and taste it. Nobody is so bad that they can’t be forgiven. You will not be judged at this moment; you will be welcomed. Walk into freedom and loving acceptance. Leave it, leave the mess, and let Him clean it up. Let Jesus breathe life into your weary soul. Say this, “Lord save me.” Say, ” Jesus, I want to believe, I want to be free. I want to be loved and accepted. Please take over Jesus. Make me in right standing with You. I don’t want to be separated from You any longer.” Come on, you have faith at this very moment, at least the size of a tiny mustard seed. That minuscule amount of faith is enough. I tell you this because I am a witness to you of its absolute truth in my life and my own experience. The moment you believe, you are delivered from the power of darkness and conveyed with explosive force, and transplanted, into the kingdom of the Son of God’s love, in whom we have redemption through His blood and the forgiveness of sins. Colossians 1:12-14. If you are in Christ, you are a new creation. Old things just die, all things become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17. You will take on a new perspective, a new world view. Acceptance. Hope. Just try it. Blessings.

2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Carol, if you post this publicly….I know that between 1-1,000 persons will make a decision for Christ! It is great!!! You have a wonderful gift! In heaven you will find out how many as they will be lined up at your door to thank you!


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