A friend asked me to make 2 large tailored box cushion slip covers for her L shaped kitchen nook bench seats. I got all excited and jumped all over the chance to do it. I’m pretty good at sewing so even though I’d never done box construction before, I was confident. The way I do things like this is to spend some time figuring it out in my mind because I’m scared to death of cutting fabric and ruining the project. Other than that, I trust my own process. Did that, made the pattern and cut it out. There’s a top, a bottom and a long center strip containing the 45″zipper, that joins them together. I encased piping in strips of the fabric and sewed that to the top and bottom edges. All that was left was to prepare the center strip and sew it in. At least that’s what the 3 tutorials on UTube said… I sewed the top to the center strip. Yay, awesome. I unzipped it and sewed the bottom onto the other side of the strip. It didn’t fit. The corners didn’t match up. I ripped it out and started over. Same mess. I ripped that out and figured what needed to be tweaked. But no. I ripped that out and at this point I’m 2 weeks into it and so stressed out I’m imagining in my head my friend hating it and ending our friendship. The mean little voice in my head is screaming, “failure, failure, epic failure”! There’s no more fabric at the fabric store, that was the end of it. There’s no way to fix it! I am completely mortified at this point so I humbled my no longer confident self and went to see what the local upholstery guy had to say. He was so nice to me, complimented my sewing and just suggested a few tips for making it all come together. He was so encouraging, just what I needed.

The next day, I was praying in the morning and the Lord just dropped the most awesome inspiring things into my spirit that I’m going to share with you below. I was writing everything down that He was pouring into me when He stopped and said, “Carol, by the way, here’s how you finish that slipcover”. So I ran upstairs singing His praises, sat down at my sewing machine and 6 hours later had a perfect cushion done! Perfect! Exactly what the Lord told me!

Praise and worship opens the door to revelation It gets your mind under control, your soul at peace and your spirit filled to overflowing with the joy of the Lord. Productivity follows. The focus has to be on God, not the project, not the problem, the calling or what you think you should be doing. If all your focus is on worship and seeking Him, His heart, His face; then He puts the ideas and the ability in you. He equips you.

Seek not where you’re going with God, just seek God. By seeking the project, I wasted time, I got confused and stressed out. I lost confidence and just kept striving only to fail. Sounds like the enemy to me. When I went back to getting quiet before God, worshipping Him, thanking Him for the trial and the victory that was sure to come; He revealed it in all His glory and grace. A trial, a failure, a redemption, a blessing and a victory! Blessed be God who always leads us in triumph whether it’s a sewing project or a life calling to do something way bigger than we can ever ask or imagine. It’s true that He does give us everything we need for life and godliness. Look for it. He’s in it.

The Lord showed me this amazing picture about living in the world today. “There is a difference between living this life by coping with the degredation of society, the demise of the family, the end of democracy, the sleepiness of the church, confusion, deception and your grief over all of it. There is a diffence between living with it and living victoriously through it. Seek victory. Rejoice! The only way to live in victory is to live in Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit guides, protects and comforts. Look at the book of Acts. The Holy Spirit came with demonstrations of power. He hasn’t changed.”

“Ask Him to show you how to do everything. Stop trying to do things without Me. Condition yourself to do everything with Me, in Me. Step by step, missing nothing along the way. It’s a slow dance. We move together, glide in one another’s arms. That is joy overflowing. That is life and peace. Dance through life with Me as your partner and there will be no lack of anything physical or spiritual. Stay humble, let Me lead, I know the way.”

Crown Him Lord of All

On Sunday we sang the old standard, Crown Him Lord of All.  People were really into worship and it was a joyful experience for me.  About half way through, I was overtaken with a revelation of the deep meaning of the words, at least for me.  Crown Him Lord of all.  All.  I can worry that my house has not sold, or I can crown Him Lord of the real estate market.  I can fret over these 30 pounds I can’t shake, or I can crown Him Lord of my mind, will and emotions; Lord of my flesh.  I can crown Him Lord of all things, all joy, all sorrow, all accomplishments, all weakness.  I can actively take part, I can tap into the flow of living water that causes my soul to jump for joy at the sound of His name.  Just me, I am allowed to do that by grace.  I am allowed to do that because He loves me and invites me to the table He sets for me.  He invites me to His party while He takes care of the stuff of life.

Sometimes I forget to look up instead of looking in.  Looking at what I can do or how I look is not kingdom looking.  Looking at Jesus, seeking His face, His will for the situation, His glory…that is eternal looking!  I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life sweating the small stuff.  Really, if I just crown Him Lord of all in my life, I can proceed with confidence and joy.  That makes me really happy!  I am an overcomer and I am living a victorious life filled with joy and wonder simply because He is Lord of all.


That’s all I got today sisters.


I find myself at another crossroads in this life.  It happens now and again that you have to make a decision, what to do, where to go.  I am sitting in the middle of the intersection looking at my four choices.  I could keep going straight ahead, I could turn around and start over, I could go to the right or to the left and just look for another way.  Lots of choices, lots of ways to find the meaning in the big picture.  How are the people around me affected by each choice?  How am I personally affected?  What impact is there, what consequence could be derived?  Is it right, is it wrong? 

We all come to this point many times during our lives I think.  Everyone has a time of choice, a new season, a correction or consequence from the previous crossroad.  The one constant I see here is that when I approach the crossroad, I’m  in reality coming to the Cross.  The intersection is the heart of God.  The answer is there if I will be quiet and listen to His heartbeat.  There’s where the plan unfolds, the truth, the peace.  I find that when I use peace as a measuring stick for my decisions in life, it’s always the right choice that’s made.  I know God’s peace, I know it’s right.  The questions fall away, the peace enfolds.  It’s time again to move out, in His strength, not my own.  No striving, no confusion, just a knowing.  I’m grateful.