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What If?

    What if everything you are ashamed of, every secret ugly thing in your past, every bad deed, was put in a trash bin and burned to ash? What if every lie, every act of betrayal, every underhanded scheme you’ve ever cooked up, every word that hurt someone and every little thing you knew was wrong, was wiped off the face of the earth and nothing could be held against you? That can be your reality. This is exactly why God Himself came down to earth in the human form of Jesus, the Messiah, to free you. History shows that man couldn’t find a way to obey God but also atone for his own sins. He wanted to play and not pay, so he got angry, judgmental, and critical of others. It’s easier to look at others than within one’s self. Then, man made up rules he could live with, that kept others in line with what they believed to be correct. They formed a team of like-minded people. They forgot about the love of God and sought to appease Him with rituals and sacrifices. They found ways to justify their own beliefs and behaviors. It was not holy; it was a list of excuses to validate their unholiness. Over the centuries, this thinking has become more and more on the side of rationalization for sin. Even the rules and religions are no longer revered because the flesh of man has become the supreme ruler instead of God. The trouble with the logic of man is that God does in fact exist. Roll with me a minute. History bears out that God can’t be ignored without consequence. One day every person ever born, will bow their knee to Jesus whether they choose to believe or not. What will you say at that moment? Will you say, “hey, I followed the rules”. Will He say, “those weren’t my rules, I just wanted your heart.”

John 10:10 says the devil has come to steal, to kill and to destroy, but I have come that you may have life, and have life more abundantly. So here is the good news, there is a way out of this turmoil. Repentance is the simple door to abundant living. It’s not a human court of law; repentance and admission of guilt does not bring penalty and a sentence. It brings freedom and righteousness before God. Think of it, righteousness means right standing, and you have that by just believing what Jesus said. Yeah, it’s that easy. So why choose death when you can choose freedom from sin and shame? Why not believe? If the Bible is the absolute truth and word of God, then as it says, we all fall short of the glory of God. Save the argument about the veracity of the Bible and hear this crucial point. There is something built into your spirit my friend, something that yearns to believe. You were born with it. Give that small voice within you a moment of your time. Explore what is there for you. The Bible says God knows the number of hairs upon your head. He knows you, He actually created you for Himself. He holds His hand out to you with unfathomable love, a promise of life and freedom. Just look at this for a moment. You are free to choose, but I’m asking you to first ponder it honestly for a second. He offers freedom from fear, physical pain, addiction, the false imprisonment of lies and accusations against you, and removes the torment of hopelessness. He doesn’t promise perfection or the need for it, or an easy life, but ask yourself, do you have that now? How is trying to be a good person working out for you? Are you hitting a wall, attempting to live within the miserable confines of rules and regulations in an attempt to “do what is right”? Here’s the difference. In God, you are free. You have no desire to do wrong things. You are free of self, rules, restrictions, and sin. You are free in your mind and your will and empowered with Jesus. You belong. You are wanted and revered and longed for.

This is who Jesus is. He is God who became flesh and entered the world to complete a mission. His directive from the Father was to give earth a picture of Heaven, an articulation of God as love, not wrath. Wrath didn’t work. Jesus brought light, the illumination of truth. He said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets to the Father except by Me. Period . That’s the way out. That’s the bridge. Of course, the religious people hated Him because he represented liberty, not control. They murdered Him in the most horrific and inhuman manner, and He put up with it because He was assigned to be the bridge. He suffered for you, for a way out for you. They mocked Him and reviled Him because He threatened their manmade towers of power. He defied their self-created belief systems of excused behavior that separated them from the love of God. The movement began in Him and continues now. He paid the penalty and restitution for the sin of every person ever born. Sin is simply separation from God. It doesn’t matter if you told a lie or horrifically murdered someone, it’s forgiven if you will ask. And God doesn’t remember it if it’s forgiven. You ask forgiveness, and it doesn’t exist.

Let me ask you this. Are you afraid to give up your choice of sins, your carefully crafted justifications and excuses for bad behavior? Are you really satisfied with being secretly sick and miserable and afraid? Come on beloved. Come on and see what He has planned for you. The Bible says to taste and see that the Lord is good. Don’t be afraid or ashamed, come and taste it. Nobody is so bad that they can’t be forgiven. You will not be judged at this moment; you will be welcomed. Walk into freedom and loving acceptance. Leave it, leave the mess, and let Him clean it up. Let Jesus breathe life into your weary soul. Say this, “Lord save me.” Say, ” Jesus, I want to believe, I want to be free. I want to be loved and accepted. Please take over Jesus. Make me in right standing with You. I don’t want to be separated from You any longer.” Come on, you have faith at this very moment, at least the size of a tiny mustard seed. That minuscule amount of faith is enough. I tell you this because I am a witness to you of its absolute truth in my life and my own experience. The moment you believe, you are delivered from the power of darkness and conveyed with explosive force, and transplanted, into the kingdom of the Son of God’s love, in whom we have redemption through His blood and the forgiveness of sins. Colossians 1:12-14. If you are in Christ, you are a new creation. Old things just die, all things become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17. You will take on a new perspective, a new world view. Acceptance. Hope. Just try it. Blessings.

The Fire is Coming!

    I see great pillars of fire coming upon the world. Right here in my hometown, I see fire and glory falling like never before. I see people rushing to Jesus, running to salvation and righteousness. Who will help them? Are we ready, Church? My heart is bursting with expectation and urgency. I hear the words, preparation, preparation. I hear, tell them, tell them; shout to them! Oh Lord, my entire being quivers with the anticipation of Your presence, Your grace and mercy falling on massive crowds.

    Church, examine yourself. Look at your resources, plan for hundreds rushing to alters, make way! Open double doors of welcome to the lost. Now is not the time to shrink back, but to jump in the river and lead them! I see prayer groups all across the United States. I see faithful intercessors crying out and gifted administrators forming plans and scenarios. I see nothing locked, no one excluded, nothing that would hinder the great move of the Spirit. Think bigger! Make plans for spontaneous baptisms, plans to recruit people steeped in holiness to bring the desperate to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Come Church, come to your knees in prayer and fasting. Partner with the Lord for His desire upon the earth. Speak life and declare His word. We do not want to be found with no fuel for our lamps. We must be ready to light the way.

    Oh how Jesus loves us! Look at our lives. We are chosen for such a time as this. We are not spectators looking for entertainment, we are commissioned! We are assigned! We are free to go and do as we are commanded. Put on love people and get prepared. Miracles are coming! Let’s do this! Blessings.


Fingernails and Manna

I got my nails done for the 3rd time since moving to town, and by the 3rd nail tech. It’s not that I’m picky, but they just kept popping off. So, this tech was more experienced and did all the prep work necessary to create a solid foundation for the acrylic. I liked them, but they bugged me. The shape was not right; some rounded, some too square and uneven. So, what do I want? I kept questioning myself because I just have not liked the shape of any of the nails. They are crooked, not finished well. I wrestled, thought I might give up and was just really unsatisfied.

Today, I grabbed a file and did the unthinkable! I filed them! The file smoothed out the crooked places and shaped them all to look consistent. I was suddenly happy with them. They were just what I liked. All it took was pressure and friction, removal of excess bulk and imperfections. I could even type better! It was so simple!

Isn’t that what God does for us? He applies a little pressure here, a little friction there, and we are changed. It is uncomfortable, but in the end, we are refined and consistent. We are more like Jesus. We become holy and sanctified by His lovingkindness. We don’t even remember the imperfections anymore because they are not any longer important. They are gone and forgotten. We are free to move forward, a little more confident, liking the way we look to Jesus. Blessings.

Another Miracle

    August 1, 2020, 10:30 a.m. The sudden pain was excruciating. All I did was sit on the couch, lean back and I heard a repulsive, wet, crunching sound, followed by exploding pain. I could not move, sit, or stand. I felt paralyzed. I called my husband who helped me to the floor. The pain was unbearable. I gasped for air, fighting down the nausea. Something had snapped, my right side and lower back was wrapped in agony. My arms and hands begin to tremble and went numb. Mike sat down on the floor next to me and silently prayed. I began to pray, to call out to Jesus my healer. After what seemed like hours, we managed to get me to the couch. Even though the pain was tormenting, surprisingly, I fell asleep next to Mike who continued to pray. An hour later I woke up, afraid to move, but there was an awareness that I had no pain! I gingerly moved a leg, no pain. I became aware that I was completely pain free. I sat up, I stood, I walked. No pain. A miracle. Joy flooded my heart as I realized that Jesus intervened. I am so grateful, I love Him so! This is the supernatural life. This is the protection and love of a Savior who sees and hears and takes action. Just believe my friends, run with confidence in the love of God, never give up. He is waiting for you; His hand is outstretched. I’m telling you; this is normal. This is how it is supposed to be! Jump in!

Be a Bridge

    I saw this yesterday and then again today, but the view was expanded. I suspect the Lord wants this written to the Church. You have an assignment. With all the division and strife tearing at the fabric of the nation, may we join together and break the momentum.

    In my Spirit I see a long narrow canyon. It’s only about 6 feet wide and 6 feet deep. Liberals and conservatives of every ideology stand along their designated sides of the canyon staring the other side down in hate, intolerance, and disgust. Idiots! Each thinks the other is an idiot. A person, nobody special, suddenly jumps in the chasm. She extends her left hand to a person on the left bank and her right hand to a person on the right bank. A couple more people jump in and do the same. Soon there are miles of people standing in the gap and reaching to clasp the hand of those on the edge. Looking down the length of the chasm, it appears to be a human braid. Angels begin to stir in and around the gap standers, holding their arms up and bringing a surprising peace to the crowd. I can see it, it is gossamer and tightly woven.

    The ground beneath the feet of the gap standers begins to rise. In a whisper, the gap is gone and all stand on solid ground, a long braid of humanity in unity and trust. Opinions, assumptions, lies they believed and evil plots fell into the chasm. There is no strife. People begin to weep and laugh and experience peace and joy as they mingle together and hug. There is unity and love. They look at one another with their heart eyes, loving and caring. They see so clearly. The hear so clearly. All evil was buried.

This is the beginning of understanding. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love conquers hate and discontent. Jesus has stepped in. The Holy Spirit has poured out the love of Jesus. Bask in it. Stay in it. Look at things differently my beloved. Change your perspective. Focus on Jesus and see the world through Him. Be a bridge.


The Chase

    Last night as I was falling asleep, a profound thought process began to form in my mind that caused me to sit up and pay attention. Have you ever wanted something so desperately that you did everything in your power to obtain it? When you got it, did you quickly lose interest and move on to the next thing? Yes, me too. In life, we engage in are many pursuits, avenues of enjoyment and knowledge. We are bombarded with opportunities and choices. Something piques our interest and we dive in.

It’s true that in so many things, the hunt, the seeking, turns out to be more exciting than the capture. Once victory is achieved, one quickly loses interest and moves on to something shiny and new. I used to collect jewelry. I loved shiny, blingy rings. I would save and finally purchase what excited my eyes. Soon thereafter, I found myself saving for the next shiny, blingy thing that caught my eye at the jewelry store.

There is only one thing I have ever found that continues to be exhilarating from chase to capture and that is Jesus. To know Him, to really know and understand the depths of His love and wisdom, is breathtaking. The pursuit never ends because there is no end to Him. When I discover a facet of Him or obtain understanding of His way, the victory is overwhelmingly glorious. The joy is unspeakable. Yet, unbelievably, there is more to find! To pursue Jesus again and again is so satisfying, so fulfilling and so joyful, that I am compelled to press on. I am desperate to know Him and the riches of His glory, the unfailing love, the glory of His presence. It is remarkable. For this, the longing for more, is unquenchable in a most pleasant way. I feel a burst of longing and yet satisfaction at the same time. Peace and fire both ignite my heart at the same moment. How can this be? There is only one way, the way of truth and love and life; Jesus. The pursuit of Jesus is both completely satisfying and yet hunger stirring. To study Jesus creates within us a beautiful invitation to find more treasure in Him. It ignites us to know Him, to understand His words, and to love Him increasingly and deeply. This chase is a lifelong, never-ending quest that never gets old, never is a chore, and is always satisfying. Go for it! Jump into this divine thirst that dwells within you! Take one step and see it grow! Blessings.

The Joy Bubble

    There is a moment when I experience a sudden, ecstatic, physical feeling deep in my chest. My spirit jumps and warmth spreads throughout my body. The joy bubble is rising up, overwhelming me with the presence of God, His healing love and never-ending grace. It’s a blissful happiness, a bubble of exhilaration only God can give.

When I find myself feeling hurt and sad and frustrated with life, I begin to cry out to the Lord for help. He gently reveals my mistakes so I might I repent of worry, of busyness, of fear. I repent of listening to the enemy’s lies of division and distraction. I lay my heart out before the Lord in anguish and shame. I begin to praise Him and all my hurt and fear and sadness is gone. It vanishes and is replaced with the persistent love of God, the knowledge that He has this, and all I need to do is cast my care upon Him.

    Only God can instantly heal a broken heart. Only God can remove fear and worry in a moment and replace it with a steadfast confidence, a knowing, that His love for me is greater and greater than anything I face. I praise Him, I love Him, I know that I know He is my Savior. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets to the Father except through Me. He has broken the chains that bound me and given me a way, the truth, and a life. Thank you, Lord for your Joy bubble!

The Rubber Stamp



    Lord, set the pace, give me strength and faith to stand next to you and match your stride.

    “Come up here, look into my eyes and see the fire. Beloved, my fire burns for you. My hand is forever outstretched to you. Granted, granted!”

    I see a rubber stamp slamming down on my petitions, my prayers, my requests. Granted! Red ink! Granted! These petitions are legal documents. The decree has been made; the judgment rendered. The Lord has given us favor. Granted. “You have full freedom and authority. Hold your judgment paper up, rebuke the devil. You have legal permission from My courts. All of My power I give you.”

    I have what I asked because I asked in faith. Because of faith, it has been granted. It’s nothing I did, it’s only because of belief in the Lord of Lords. That’s all it takes. Belief. When I look at the back of the rubber stamp, the letters imbedded in the rubber, I see they are a mirror image. When stamped upon the legal petition, the letters are right, clearly readable, in order, and permanent. The document is entered into the record book. Two holes are punched at the top of the document and it is permanently placed on the right side of the court file. It is law, it stands on it’s merit as a final decree that can’t be overturned.

    “Hold up your copy of my granted judgment to the devil’s face and remind him he has no legal right. It is finished.”




Lost and Found

    There’s a parable Jesus told in Luke 15:1-7 about the good shepherd finding the lost sheep. He was teaching unbelievers using an illustration that the culture would perfectly understand. It went like this. A shepherd had 100 sheep that he owned and protected. As he counted them, he discovered that one little animal got lost and was not with the rest of the flock. He left the 99 and diligently sought to find the one little lost lamb. He frantically searched and when he found it, he lifted it up to rest on his shoulders, then carried it back to the fold. As soon as he got home, he called his family and friends together for a celebration. He rejoiced with all his neighbors that his little lost one was found. Jesus told this story to illustrate how the Kingdom of Heaven works. Jesus searches for the unbeliever, He weeps for them and prays for them. He will leave a whole group of righteous people to find just one who doesn’t know Him. He will enable that one to be lifted up on His shoulders and brought home. He will cause another to strike up a conversation with you or create in you a hunger for the reality of God’s love. He will draw you. There may be a huge church full of people worshipping God on a sunny Sunday. The Lord loves that. But if one unbeliever is drawn in; if just one person comes into the church because something urged him to and choses to believe, then all of Heaven breaks out into joyful celebration at the salvation of that one. Jesus seeks your heart, He comes for you, He draws you specifically, by love. He adores you. And He has already planned a party in Heaven in your honor.

    There is no coincidence that you believe. There is absolute hope and joy for you if you don’t. It’s not up to you to find Jesus. Jesus is finding you. There are several parables told by Jesus in Luke, bringing home the message that Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. God the Father sent His son Jesus, to find you. God put every human being into the hands of Jesus. Jesus looked for you, He looks for every lost one on the planet. No one is left out, no one is not good enough, no one is unwanted. Jesus does the searching simply because He loves you desperately and wants to present you to His Father. He breathlessly longs for you. As I read that, I was completely humbled and filled with awe that God sent His son to come after me. I wasn’t worthy of anything; I sure didn’t want religion and I was a mess. But He came specifically for me, He targeted me, and He saved me from myself and destruction. He healed my body from debilitating disease and opened my heart to truth. That defies logic! I quickly learned that human logic is not faith and is flawed by opinion and arrogance. We fight hard to have our opinions and beliefs and we want to think we are right. But faith is logical when the human grip of fear and control surrenders to the absolute love and freedom of Jesus. Beloved, just go for it! Live in peace and have more fun than you thought possible! Blessings.




Stay in Your Lane

    I was driving interstate 84 near Nampa, Idaho the other day. A large diesel pickup truck pulling a covered utility trailer was loudly weaving in and out of traffic. He was going too fast and was careless. It made me feel agitated to be close to him. His recklessness was causing me to work harder to keep out of harm’s way. I was not enjoying my ride. If he would just stay in his lane, the whole road would be smoother and safer for everyone.

And so it was for the early Church in Acts 6. Pentecost had just taken place. Thousands were coming to salvation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. There was abundant joy in the streets as people heard the good news. Programs were initiated to feed the widows and orphans, things were happening, people were zealous to know about Jesus. The number of followers, disciples, was growing every day. There arose a disagreement between the Hellenists and the Hebrews. Now these are two different groups of Jews living in Jerusalem. The Hellenists were Greek, and the Hebrews were natives of Israel. Both groups were followers of Christ. Both had a different world view and different culture. Both wanted to make the programs and charities work, but they disagreed on how to do it. Meanwhile, the 12 disciples were devoted to prayer and intercession for this amazing new revelation of God happening right in front of them. They knew from the example of Jesus, that the only way to understanding and wisdom was through prayer and intercession. The battle was on immediately, the devil did not want this movement to succeed so he started strife. The 12 recognized their dilemma and refused to be distracted by division and silly arguments. After seeking God, they asked some very trustworthy devotees to find 7 men who were of faith and integrity. These first Deacons were appointed to run the everyday administration of the Church. That delegation of authority freed up the disciples to pursue their assignment of prayer. In that exact moment, the Lord promoted the 12 to the office of Apostle. They were released to pray and take the Church on to greater things. The Church, (the body of believers), survives today because of the alignment with God through prayer.

    The Church grew exponentially as a result of the apostles’ dedication to communication with God and praying out the plan of God. More and more people were filled with the Holy Spirit and given gifts to edify one another. New disciples were raised up to work according to their giftings in administration, hospitality, healing, teaching, prophecy, exhortation and more. They shared all things and worked together in harmony and the groundwork was prayer.

     Are you given the gift of healing? Do that. Does the person gifted in hospitality tell the one gifted in administration what to do? Does the one gifted in exhortation correct the evangelist’s itinerary? Beloved, stay in your lane. Be you and complete your assignment so you may prosper in your calling! I thank God for you! Blessings.