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    I saw Jesus beckoning to me, “Come to the hallways past the inner courts, past the Holy of Holies, and open the doors. Explore the chambers, the storehouses and the soft feathery places of rest. Come see all the wonders of Heaven.”

    I see a storehouse, a huge warehouse. It’s not decorated, its’ made of gray stone and there are rows and rows of wooden doors. The building is plain and clean, it has no need of a caretaker, it is maintained by prayer. At the birthing prayer of the intercessors, the contents of many of the bunkers will be poured out in due time.

    I approach a door and it opens. Inside, stacked to the ceiling, are bright lights of all sizes. The room can barely contain all the lights. They are in danger of overflowing over and around the door at any minute. Small lights are twinkling inside the room, large lights flood the area, medium lights glow. It’s brilliant and golden and doesn’t hurt my eyes. Jesus explains to me that the lights are ideas, innovations, inventions; new things that are about to be released. Jesus says, “these are new things to be liberated upon the Saints. New things, like the earth has never seen before. These are coming in a flood and will be profitable. The wealth of the wicked has been laid up for the righteous, and now the storehouse is about to open. These inventions and ideas will revolutionize the earth’s processes and wealth will pour into the Church from the faithful; wealth to be used for the Gospel.”

    “Ask for ideas and they will come to you. Ask for furtherance of the Kingdom. All my children have a role to play and the equipping to make it so. Open your hands and I will fill them.” The door gently swooshed shut.

    We walked to another plain wooden door. Jesus explained that this is one of the most treasured stores in all of Heaven. “This room contains the tears of the intercessors and prophets. They are from those who have paid a high price to pray. They invested their time and energy into knowing My heart. Every tear has been carefully noted, inventoried and preserved. These are mine, says Jesus. These are my treasures. I have every one ever shed. I remember them all. I place high value on these. They are Kingdom jewels, Kingdom foundations, Kingdom inroads. They are from invasions of love, poured out freely for my plans and purposes on the earth. My people who were called to pray, suffered these tears, the price of obedience and love for Me. These are now mine. I hoard them, I remember every incident, every prayer in partnership with Me, every precious tear of supplication, of joy and of intercession. They are my personal treasure.” The door closed, and we continued on.

Escape the Turbulence

A few years ago, I flew to Laramie, Wyoming. I don’t know about now, but at that time, the only way to get there from Oregon, was to fly to Denver, then board a little propeller 12 seat puddle jumper to get to Laramie. Denver was great, that airport has tons of things to do and I almost wished for a longer layover. The ride from Denver to Laramie was a completely different experience to say the least. That little plane was jumping all over the place, things were crashing to the floor, and people were getting sick all around me. Lovely. Worst hour of my life!

    Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the pilot, who was separated from us by a thin curtain, came on the loudspeaker and announced that he was taking the plane up higher to get out of the turbulence. He didn’t try to sugar coat it at that point, he just stated the obvious. So, he began an arduous ascent up higher as we all white knuckled it through the process. Low and behold, the turbulence stopped. We were in the air, going straight, and not being tossed around like a waterskiier bouncing the wakes. It was quiet.

    I heard the Lord speak to me this morning about getting above the turbulence. The earth is in turmoil, the United States is in turmoil as administrations change and as society adapts. There is a shaking going on in the current state of affairs. The news is violent all over the globe. Fear is getting it’s evil grip on people. But God says, get up here, get above the turbulence. Yes Lord! When I get under the shadow of His wings (Ps. 91), I am protected, safe and at peace. There is no turbulence in the presence of God. I find myself purposing to get into His presence, and the path becomes clear. The plans of God become clear, and the understanding that I am equipped for every battle is peacefully revealed. For I do not have a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind. I have the mind of Christ. Therefore, I am at peace because I know He goes before me and is my rear guard. I may live on earth, but I am a citizen of Heaven. I have favor.

    So loved ones, don’t allow the things of this world to distract you from the love of God. He has a future and a hope for you, a marvelous plan to prosper you and keep you in health. We are living in the most important time in history. We have to roll with some turbulence now and again, but when it happens, remember that you are welcome in the Holy of Holies. The veil of separation was ripped open by the work of Jesus on the cross. He eagerly waits for you, He is so happy to see us! Go there and rest in His strength, power and love. Let your heart be changed by Him, let not your heart be troubled. This is how we do it friends, this is how we live in victory!