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Happy 2019

2019 will be a year of new horizons, new vantage points, a year of firsts, and a year of joyful amazement. For those with ears to hear, the Lord will cause you to enter into His presence with overwhelming joy and purpose. You will find yourself interceding in greater travail. You will find yourself stopping to hear His instruction. Your senses are magnified as you surround yourself in His glory. Out of your mouth will come pleas for a clean heart; out of your spirit will flow rivers of living water. This is a year of fruitful harvest. This is a year of greater vision. Blessings.


    I saw Jesus beckoning to me, “Come to the hallways past the inner courts, past the Holy of Holies, and open the doors. Explore the chambers, the storehouses and the soft feathery places of rest. Come see all the wonders of Heaven.”

    I see a storehouse, a huge warehouse. It’s not decorated, its’ made of gray stone and there are rows and rows of wooden doors. The building is plain and clean, it has no need of a caretaker, it is maintained by prayer. At the birthing prayer of the intercessors, the contents of many of the bunkers will be poured out in due time.

    I approach a door and it opens. Inside, stacked to the ceiling, are bright lights of all sizes. The room can barely contain all the lights. They are in danger of overflowing over and around the door at any minute. Small lights are twinkling inside the room, large lights flood the area, medium lights glow. It’s brilliant and golden and doesn’t hurt my eyes. Jesus explains to me that the lights are ideas, innovations, inventions; new things that are about to be released. Jesus says, “these are new things to be liberated upon the Saints. New things, like the earth has never seen before. These are coming in a flood and will be profitable. The wealth of the wicked has been laid up for the righteous, and now the storehouse is about to open. These inventions and ideas will revolutionize the earth’s processes and wealth will pour into the Church from the faithful; wealth to be used for the Gospel.”

    “Ask for ideas and they will come to you. Ask for furtherance of the Kingdom. All my children have a role to play and the equipping to make it so. Open your hands and I will fill them.” The door gently swooshed shut.

    We walked to another plain wooden door. Jesus explained that this is one of the most treasured stores in all of Heaven. “This room contains the tears of the intercessors and prophets. They are from those who have paid a high price to pray. They invested their time and energy into knowing My heart. Every tear has been carefully noted, inventoried and preserved. These are mine, says Jesus. These are my treasures. I have every one ever shed. I remember them all. I place high value on these. They are Kingdom jewels, Kingdom foundations, Kingdom inroads. They are from invasions of love, poured out freely for my plans and purposes on the earth. My people who were called to pray, suffered these tears, the price of obedience and love for Me. These are now mine. I hoard them, I remember every incident, every prayer in partnership with Me, every precious tear of supplication, of joy and of intercession. They are my personal treasure.” The door closed, and we continued on.

Waterfalls, a prophetic word

There are huge reservoirs of shimmering, gossamer waterfalls, perched over the cities. The water that ripples with soft pastel gleaming, is within millimeters of spilling over to flood the cities with my glory. Which way will the people go? Will they repent or go off on their own?

Oh, there will be offense. Yes, the haters will be offended by this cloud of glory, these pools of living water drenching the cities. They will scoff and shun you Christians, but at the same time, they will secretly fear you. To them you appear to glisten, to ripple with waves of liquid light and power. You reflect some unknown inner light that is confusing and fearful. They won’t attribute it to Me of course. If they have to accept Me, they have to completely change their intellectualism, their hedonism, their right to party in their own ignorance.

Just light the way. If they follow, rejoice. If they won’t, then pray. Join the world in prayer for the lost. My arm is not too short to save. This is the opportunity the world has been waiting for. Love, love, love.


This post is a little different today.  It is an actual vision and prophetic word I received this morning.  Ephesians 1.

I was praying today and the Lord came to me with a vision.  I began to see a large church sanctuary, filled with people, containing four aisles that lead from the back of the church, down to the platform.  Standing face to face on either side down each aisle, are people, intercessors, who have been named ushers.  These, Jesus says, are the ones who have prayed for revival and breakthrough for My Church.  They are ushering in My glory.  My glory will fill the church.  It cannot be stopped.  Watch.

The columns of ushers turn to face the back of the church.  The two ushers on either side of each aisle at the back, are given a large bucket.  They turn together in unison, and hand the bucket to the next usher.  The ushers become a bucket brigade.  As the buckets pass up the aisles, they slowly fill with fire and light and sparkling swirling flames.  A sound like wind becomes audible.  The buckets fill higher and higher until they are almost overflowing.  The podium is empty.  The platform is empty, there are no people there.  As the buckets come down the aisle, the people begin to get on their feet in breathless anticipation.  They crane their necks to see what is happening.  When the buckets reach the platform, the people begin to cheer, they start raging with joy.  The last ushers in the row, throw the buckets of glory onto the platform.  A burst of fire dances across the stage.  The whole platform is a boiling mass of reds, oranges and yellows interspersed with gold and silver.   It is swirling glory.  A loud booming wind thunders above the people.  The fire crackles and pops diamonds.  The buckets make their way back up the aisles to the back of the church to be refilled and passed again and again.  The ushers and the buckets keep coming and the flames grow higher and even more glorious.

The ushers are turning toward the pews. They reach back to gain a stance of strength and with all their might, they throw buckets of glory upon the people.  They cover the crowd with glory.  It cleanses the crowd, it fills them with release and joy and laughter.  It releases them from control.  The glory consumes them.  They are playing in the glory; singing praises and dancing in the glory.  They are healed and set free.  They are filled with purpose.  The fire burns away all that is worthless and leaves pure gold.

The noise and color begins to fade, but the people are healed, delivered and changed.  The people carry the glory.  They are empowered and carry the glory.  They are joyful and confident and speak with boldness.  They know that they know, and are eager to serve one another.  They are eager to love, eager to esteem others higher than themselves.  They sing together as one voice, as they file out of the church and go into the city.  They bring the good news.  They sing a new song.  Rejoice church, your hour is coming!  My church will be filled to overflowing.



Keep the Son in Your Eyes


This is a word I received the other day while visiting with Jesus.  It’s on the warning side of exhortation.  I have checked it against scripture and with a person I highly esteem in the knowledge of such things.  I feel confident now to share it.

Revival is coming like a flood. It’s different from the past. Revival is coming to your homes, your gatherings; not in your dead churches where control and opposition quench the Spirit. It is coming to places open to Me, open to repentance. Get on your knees and allow me in.

You hungry ones, open your homes. Don’t be deceived, it’s not all fun and partying, a grabbing of blessing. It’s serious. Give me honor. Repent and be washed by the flood. Break down strongholds, deny flesh, deny entry to spirits that work against the knowledge of God.

No more games, no more wimpy Christians. Get in or out, but don’t be lukewarm. Complacency is a stronghold. Fear is a stronghold. People love God but deny my power. They love to hear themselves speak. They teach tolerance of fleshly desires. Excuses, excuses. Stop it. Come to repentance, drink the pure water of the Word and the wisdom of the Spirit. Stop mollycoddling and enabling. Stubbornly believe. Set your face like flint toward Me. I will reveal more of Myself to you if you will believe. 2 Peter

You can’t’ advance without the Word of God. This is a military action. My army is weak and ineffective as foot soldiers. The few generals are strong, but the Word gets confused by the time it filters down to the troops. Teachers beware. If you knew the Word, you would not compromise the faith of your students.

My army can’t battle a head cold, let alone their own flesh or the attack of the enemy. The devil uses the flesh to get the mind confused, to get temptation in the forefront of one’s thinking. They pray and pray and see no result. They battle their desires to no avail. Repent and rise up. Mount up and get your eyes on Me. I am angry with this generation, tears flow from my eyes for their ignorance and selfishness.

Yes, I am a mighty fortress, but my warriors have no foundation, no knowledge, and no training in how to use their weapons. They are deceived into thinking they need only sit and wait, but remember this: Go ye into all the world and preach the good news! Everyone in the army of God has a purpose and a plan for their life. Please loved ones, you are important, you are empowered and you are crucial to the body. Go then, go in victory.